Batak Lite Reaction Game


• Compact version of the Batak reaction game which has a smaller footprint making it perfect for exhibition stands. Or add 2 to your area for bigger awareness and interaction!
• A great icebreaker and way to bring attention to your stand.
• Quick-moving game that allows a lot of players to participate in a short amount of time.
• 8 ‘visually bright’ LED numbered targets, different programs with targets lit up in random or repetitive ways. Hits and misses are timed and scored on two centrally located LED displays.
• Also used to improve hand-eye coordination, stamina, and reactions by enabling users to train under simulated ‘sports like’ conditions, while also providing an element of fun and competition that is so often lacking in training.
• Dimensions Free Standing – 1150(w) x 910(d) x 1750(h). Suggested activity space required – 2m (w) x 2m (d) x 2m (h).
• Includes metal leaderboard with magnet strips/marker plus a basic tutorial for your staff on setup & telephone support throughout hire. Requires power and flat ground. If using outdoors, a marquee/cover is required to shelter the machine from the weather and also allow players to see the lights easier.
• 1 Day hire Batak Lite – $775+gst; 2 Day hire – $1275+gst; 3 Day hire – $1575+gst; Additional Days – enquire within.
• Custom backdrops and branding available – design and supply from $495+gst installed.
• Batak Pro (bigger version) also available.

/// Delivery not included.

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