COVIDSafe Counter Digital


• Digital Hand Tally Counter – great to help control capacity of areas/zones.
• Easy to use.
• Add or Subtract
• On/Off/Reset Buttons
• Small Cord for Grip
• LCD Screen/ Max count 0-9999(pcs)
• Voltage: 12(V)
• Weight: about 28g
• Operating Instructions: To Switch On-Press On/Off/Reset Button – the Unit Will Display “0”; To Add Counts-Press the Green Button(+),It Will Beep on Each Count; To Subtract Counts-Press the Red Button(-),It will beep on Each Count; To Switch Beep Off or On at Any Time-Hold the green or red Button Down for 3 Seconds; To Reset Tally-Press On/Off/Reset Button for 3 seconds; To Switch the Tally Off-Press the On/Off/Reset Button for 3 Seconds When the Counter Display is at “0”.

/// Price is for our standard hire period which is up to 3 days. Delivery not included.